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Hello, always enjoy my visits. Good care and friendly staff. Very helpful!

Jim B.,

Dr. Abrams is always accessible and generous with his time. I appreciate it!

Wendy Matthews,

As always the service, Dr. Abrams and staff were ex- cellent! My mouth feels great!


Very friendly staff and well-maintained office! A pleasure to come in!


I have been a patient with the practice since 2005 and I am very happy with the care I have received from Dr. Abrams. The staff is very helpful and the environment is very comfortable. Dr. Abrams takes care of my children. They really like him and he is excellent with them. He is very thorough, gentle, and professional. He really does an excellent job. As a physician, I have referred patients to his office and they have always fit the patients in quickly. Dr. Abrams is fabulous and I think very highly of him.

Laura Zug Quimby, MD

I came to see Dr. Abrams regarding severe sleep apnea. Before getting the dental appliance Dr. Abrams made for me, I was using the CPAP. I was happy with for the CPAP for the most part but the CPAP equipment was just annoying. I then got the dental appliance from Dr. Abrams and I am very happy with it. The results that I have felt from using the dental appliance are equivalent to the CPAP- better sleep, less tired, and more energy but without the annoying equipment. I would recommend this appliance to a friend. It works well.


Thanks to Dr. Abrams and his great staff, they all make for a great dental experience. They are all so friendly, and caring that you feel as if you have known them for years. I UNEQUIVOCALLY would recommend Dr. Abrams to anyone I know who wants a first-class experience and expert treatment as to any dental problems. Thank you Dr. Abrams for being there for all of us whose deep-seated fears of dentists have been dispelled by your compassionate manner, warm smile and most important PAIN-FREE DENTISTRY!!

Brian Gorman,

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