Dental crowns are a fantastic way to revitalize your smile, and make your sensitive teeth functional. If you’ve ever wondered about your candidacy for dental crowns, it all starts here.

Cracked or Broken Teeth

If you’ve been living with cracked or broken teeth all this time, there’s been a better solution in store. Whether it’s due to an accident or improper care, cracked and broken teeth are extremely difficult to live with and may increase pain, sensitivity, or promote bacterial growth, resulting in serious infections. Microfractures are also an issue that leave hairline fractures in your teeth, making them weaker in certain points. Issues regarding the structure of your teeth should immediately be addressed to your dentist.

Large Dental Fillings

If you’ve recently had dental work done and your new fillings have saved the exterior of your tooth, you are in for a bit of bad news: dental fillings absolutely have a life expectancy, and it isn’t very long. Most filling last 10-15 years, and in that time, they begin to erode along the edges. We now know that this erosion, coupled with bacterial growth over time, can result in infections beneath your filling, even while it’s still in place. Fillings are still useful, but primarily when capped-off with a dental crown.

Tooth Decay

In some cases, tooth decay strikes and cannot be stopped in its tracks. Exposure to air, erosion from foods and beverages, couples with the standard, good bacteria that your mouth produces, can all continue to erode decaying teeth. Dental crowns can help stop these effects, while also restoring your smile and function to your damaged or otherwise unusable teeth. Tooth decay is serious, and requires immediate attention from your dental care professional

Dental Crowns in Levittown, PA

Are you a proper candidate for dental crowns? Call or message us today to find out and schedule your appointment with Dr. Eric Abrams. Your smile and oral healthcare are two things that should never be put on the back burner – let’s see what we can do to help expedite your process of getting dental