Specialty Services

Levittown Family Dental Associates
Dr. Eric Abrams

When it comes to dental services, cleanings, fillings and root canals are not the only options; some tasks performed by dentists fall into the uncommon category. These are often referred to as specialty dental services. Here are a few specialty services many dentists offer to help improve your overall health and safety.

Deep within your teeth is a substance referred to as dental pulp. This pulp or tissue is made of connective tissues and blood vessels. What most people don’t know is that it also contains stem cells. With professional help, the stem cells within the pulp can be extracted and used to make regenerative medicine.

Did you know that the imprints your teeth leave behind when you bite down on something are as unique as a fingerprint? That’s what makes Toothprints impressions for child identification a popular service at the dentist. Teeth imprints can be a great way for parents to identify their children if they are ever lost or abducted.

Another popular specialty dental service is being fitted for Under Armour sports mouthguards. Under Armour specializes in making equipment for athletes. For the equipment to do its job correctly, however, it has to fit right. A dentist can help fit you for Under Armour sports mouthguards to ensure a proper fit. These mouthguards can:

• Reduce the impact on your jaw and teeth when taking a hit during contact sports
• Provide the proper spacing between teeth to reduce athletic stress
• Protect the teeth from clinching
• Allow for better breathing and talking while the mouthguard is in place

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