Wisdom Teeth Removal

Levittown Family Dental Associates
Dr. Eric Abrams

Patients who live in the Levittown, California are encouraged to visit Levittown Family Dental Associates if they are having difficulties with their wisdom teeth. The practice performs wisdom teeth extractions, providing patients with immediate relief from the pain and discomfort of an impacted or broken tooth.

In general, wisdom teeth begin to erupt between the ages of 17-21. However, they do not always erupt, but can instead be trapped under the gum line. That’s because most people do not have enough room in their mouth to accommodate this third set of molars, which are the largest of all teeth. As a result, they either cause your other teeth to shift out of alignment or are unable to break through and become impacted. In such instances, the dentist will recommend extracting your wisdom teeth.

Wisdom teeth can be extracted or pulled just like regular teeth if they’ve erupted completely through the gums. If they have only erupted part way, the dentist surgically removes them. If the molars are impacted or wedged against the back of the teeth, they may need to be broken into pieces to be extracted. The wisdom teeth are the largest of the molars and may have roots that extend to the jaw bone. If this occurs, the patient may need to be put completely under so the dentist can remove the teeth without causing the patient undue stress. The majority of patients who have their wisdom teeth pulled require some form of anesthesia to remain comfortable throughout the procedure.

Wisdom teeth extraction is recommended when you don’t have enough room in your mouth. Also, they may need to be removed if they are turned at an angle, in which case they are likely to become wedged against the back side of the other molars. In either of these situations, the dentist will recommend the wisdom teeth be removed to prevent the other teeth from being damaged.

wisdom teeth removal patient smiling for camera