Even with significant advancements in dental health within the past few years, its awareness is quite limited compared to other branches of healthcare. That is the reason why those who actively maintain their dental health often have to find answers to common questions.

One such inquiry comes in the form of visiting a dentist. When do you need to visit a dentist? Do you need to get a dentist appointment only when you feel worrisome symptoms? Or should you go for a dental checkup on a regular basis?

The following information will help you determine when to visit your dentist, and how often you should go for a dental exam in the first place.

Just How Often Should I See My Dentist?

As a best practice for preventative dentistry, which allows you to keep your teeth healthy and save them from potentially harmful conditions, it is advised that you visit your dentist twice a year.

This is in line with most other branches of healthcare. This is because getting a dental exam with this frequency helps you stay on top of potential issues. If your teeth, gums or overall oral health show any signs of decline between visits, this strategically-set period can help your dentist identify problems before they turn serious.

When Do I Know It’s Time to Visit the Dentist?

Apart from regular dental exams, you should not hesitate from visiting your dentist if you face any dental issues or symptoms.

Some of the most common dental symptoms associated with larger problems are:

  •   Toothache
  •   Bleeding gums
  •   Swollen gums
  •   Receding gums
  •   Foul breath
  •   Sensitivity to foods
  •   Loose or chipped teeth

If you face any of these issues or any other problems that seem out of the ordinary, then make sure to contact your local dentist in Levittown, PA.

How Does Levittown Family Dental Set Themselves Above the Competition?

Headed by Dr. Eric Abrams, Prince Park Dental Associates holds an astounding reputation in dental health in Levittown, New Jersey as well as its surrounding areas.

With Dr. Abrams and his extensive experience in family and cosmetic dentistry, Prince Park Dental specializes in a wide variety of procedures that can help with common and complex dental issues alike. Considering the needs of our patients, our office is open on most holidays with 24-hour on-call services for dental emergencies.

Whether you want to visit a proficient dentist for your regular dental checkup, or if you want help with a specific issue, contact Levittown Family Dental Associates today to schedule an appointment for your dental needs.