We all know that dental procedures are notorious for breaking the bank and burning a hole in your wallet. Insurance doesn’t cover everything, but you can get partial coverage. Either way, it seems like nobody is on your side. Fortunately, tooth crown cost in Levittown, PA won’t be a complete  budget buster, if you are going to the right place – like Levittown Family Dental.

Cost Per Tooth

On average, tooth crown cost is determined by individual tooth, as opposed to the entire procedure. In most cases, a single tooth crown is all that is needed. Your cost varies by the rest of the procedure, as well. If you need a root canal, new x-rays, or a dental implant, your cost is going to go up. Tooth crowns, depending on the material used, can range from $500.00 to $2,500.00.

Why Are They So Important?

Think of it as a brand new tooth. Depending on the extensive damage to your preexisting teeth, you could be due for a complete smile makeover. Dental crowns are one surefire way to rejuvenate your smile, and give you back that immense confidence you’ve been looking for. Here are the top three reasons that tooth crowns are crucial to your health.

  1. Healthcare and Preventative Measures

When you have a damaged tooth, you are subjecting yourself to the development of periodontal disease, which will require more frequent visits to the dentist. (These range from once every two months, to once every four months.) Food particles are easily trapped by the damaged tooth, which can profess to gum disease, amongst other things.

  1. Confidence

Especially if your damaged tooth is widely visible when you smile, you are no stranger to the taxing feeling on your confidence. Your new tooth crown can bring back that old smile, the one you miss sharing with the world. You should think less about how you are smiling, and just feel great flaunting it with absolutely no holds barred.

  1. Pain Management

Chipped or damaged teeth don’t just stay that way. They progress, and one misaligned bite can cause a tooth fracture, which can lead to immediate and extreme pain. A tooth crown can last for a lifetime—if maintained properly—and stow away the risk of additional chipping or continued pain.

As you can see, while tooth crown cost can be a bit hard to swallow, the benefits are worth the price. The tooth crown cost can help you save money later is a great way to think about it.

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