You have many good reasons to keep your family’s teeth and gums healthy, including sparkling smiles, better jaw alignment, fewer stomach diseases, avoiding toothaches and discomfort, New research has proven that gum disease can lead to other complications in the body, including a bigger risk of heart disease. Fortunately, there are simple ways to maintain strong oral health for you and your family starting from early childhood.

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Tips to Keep Your Family’s Oral Health in Shape

  • Children’s teeth care, which begins early as a major prevention in the development of cavities. One out of four young children develop signs of tooth decay before they start school. Dental care should begin as soon as the child’s first tooth appears, which can be cleaned with a clean, damp cloth or very soft brush. At about two years old, you can let kids try brushing their teeth under your supervision.
  • Tooth brushing is necessary twice a day and flossing daily is recommended. Periodontal disease and tooth decay remain a big problem added to it diseased gums that bleed. You must change your toothbrush three to four times a year.
  • Older people with arthritis or other problems may have trouble holding the brush; it may be easier for them to use an electric toothbrush.
  • Stop smoking! Tobacco deposits stains on teeth and greatly increases the risk of gum disease, oral cancer and countless other complications.
  • A healthy diet is essential for the health of your teeth and gums. A balanced diet of all foods including cereals, nuts, fruits, vegetables, dairy products and fish can reduce inflammation, thus reducing the risk of gum disease.
  • Avoid sugary foods and sugary drinks including soft drinks as they produce acids that can weaken tooth enamel and open the door to decay.
  • Protect your teeth from the sports injury! Always wear a mouth protector (mouth guard) when exercising.
  • Avoid using your teeth for anything other than chewing food! If you use them as a tool to break nuts, remove bottle tops or tear off the packaging of products, there is a risk to fracture or chip part of your tooth.

When to Bring in Your Family for a Dental Check-up

Make an appointment to visit your dentist to check your teeth. Most dental experts recommend checking every six months. Often if you have problems such as periodontal disease or minor dental decay the intervention needed will be very minimal and less expensive. Professional dental cleaning is very important for the health of your gums.

Researchers found that early signs of oral cancer, if detected early enough, can be eliminated and cured. Undetected oral cancer can spread to other parts of the body and become difficult in treatment.

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