The world of dentistry is more than just drilling and filling cavities. In fact, a great deal of the work done by Levittown Family Dental Associates is that of cosmetic dentistry. Our office specializes in procedures to restore the function of a patient’s mouth and also help them achieve the smile that they have always wanted. Whether it is simply cleaning and whitening your teeth to shine brighter than ever before or correcting misshapen or crooked teeth, real solutions exist to give your mouth the visual appeal you desire.



Teeth Whitening – This non-invasive and relatively cost-effective method is a quick way to improve the color of your teeth.

Veneers – These dental tools are useful as replacements for the enamel on your teeth that may have corroded away due to sugary foods or poor preventative measures.

Crowns – This implant is a cap for your tooth or teeth that may have had surgery or heavy damage to restore its natural shape and color.

Cosmetic Bonding – In this method, the resin is used to fill in minor chips or cracks to finish a flawless design.

Bridges – These replacements for missing teeth are implants that look and feel real to restore not only the visual appeal but also functionality.

Gum Surgery – This method is reserved for those whose gums need to be leveled out or corrected due to disease.

Aligners – With modern clear aligners, more adults than ever are making the decision to straighten teeth that have grown in at improper angles.

With these options and much more available to you, you should feel comfortable consulting with your dentist about correcting any flaws that you see in your smile. Levittown Family Dental Associates is always happy to answer questions from long-term patients and new clients who may be looking to smile the smile of their dreams. Don’t hesitate to contact us today in regards to your desired cosmetic changes.